Dual WAN VPN Load Balancing Router

Times have changed the nature of business with the advent of IT. The nature of business has changed from the traditional business model to a IT dominated framework in the modern era of the corporate world. It is in this, that Wide Area Networks (WAN) or the Internet that form a powerful means of this change that increases business communications at a very fast pace. As WANs play a very key role, their reliability, security are very important key areas that are very important.

Security can be provided through the Virtual Private Network. This technology makes use of the shared public telecommunication infrastructure like the internet to offer the remote offices/individuals with a secure access to their organizations’ networking.

A Virtual Private Network is a choice of growing importance for organizations that are expanding networking capacities at a very reasonable cost. Expanding your LANs is definitely cheaper and provide security to pass on data very securely. VPN connect nodes and provide access at a secure level linking the internet and an organization’s internal network. With important data that is exchanged over the Internet, this technology becomes an essential constituent of a secure environment for faster, more secure and a reliable network connectivity.

Inclusive of the VPN encryption at the originating and receiving network addresses, security is assured and maintained at all levels. Data encryption is done across VPNs by using the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) feature. The IPSec function provides authentication and encrypts the data packets, thus securing the IP communications.

Also, a multi-connection VPN – WAN maintains and supports connectivity. It helps to determine latency issues through the means of increased bandwidth. It reduces or eliminates downtime. This is taken care of while maintaining security data transmission.

Despite these added advantages, it is vulnerable to connectivity issues that could be resolved by making use of technology solutions. In place of publicly shared private line service, VPN technology is a viable option. Reliable connectivity is maintained and assured between internal and remote site locations of an organization and its network.

FatPipe Networks (www.fatpipeinc.com) is the initiator of the router clustering technology. Large organizations with the objective of business continuity make use of FatPipe’s devices that offer WAN reliability and integrity. Other enhanced features like Quality of Service (QoS), data compression, enhanced VPN security and VPN encryption capabilities are available as well in addition to flexible WAN optimization solutions like WAN reliability, redundancy, speed and load balancing.

FatPipe’s MPVPN provides reliability, redundancy in WAN access and security in data transmission and can also play the role and can work as a VPN. This technology is further refined with VPN failover through the reconstruction of IP headers making use of FatPipe’s MPSec tunneling technology that encapsulates IPSec tunnels.


With the revolution of the internet, there has been many changes in technology, practices, businesses and the dependence between them. There has been a lot of technology breakthroughs with internet connectivity. Recent terms that have been coined are Broadband, Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Firewall, Virtual Private Network which all join together at a point in order to cater to the goal of reliability, security, redundancy and speed that are essential for WAN connectivity.

A Dual WAN VPN enable organizations to access the Internet with security. It is also a very important concept is adding value to connectivity and data transmission.

A Virtual Private Network is one that makes use of the public telecommunication infrastructure to connect nodes. In addition, it also provides secure access between the internal network and the Internet. WANs, on the other hand are used as a channel to move data from VPN using encryption and security features. This is to ensure that data is secure and can be accessed only by authorized users. A VPN maintains security at all levels via the intense security processes as well as the tunneling protocols.

The difference between the WAN VPN and a dual WAN VPN is that the WAN VPN makes use of a local connection to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) while a Dual WAN-VPN makes use of two wide area network connections and also transports secure data to an organization’s network.

A Dual WAN-VPN has the capacity to control a local network connection through tunneling. This is then connected to two wide area network links for Internet connectivity. Another feature is that it is possible to extend the Wide Area Networks to very remote locations by securing network traffic using VPN technologies. This fastens the WAN application performance and increases the bandwidth utilization. Improved IPSec feature can also be used to allow data encryption across the VPNs.

Varied WAN-VPN configurations are deployed based on different redundancy requirements and circuits. The configurations consists of the following or any one of them:

  • Primary connectivity with or without backup- backup that uses a circuit for primary connectivity.
  • Some of the intricacies of these devices were solved when fitting in high end technology solutions.


Dual WAN or Multi Link VPN solutions offered by FatPipe Networks are superior from other players in the market. FatPipe's products can add value to your business continuity process and make your network infrastructure more efficient. Network latency in any of your WAN connection could decrease your VPN performance which can be solved by adding two or multiple wide area network connections of lower latency circuits from which fatpipe devices do switching to increase performance. This is a very attractive feature as it helps in meeting business continuity requirements.

In addition, it renders wide scalability and high reliability as well. FatPipe Dual WAN or Multi WAN devices are cost-effective when compared to acquiring and maitaining higher bandwidth dedicated circuits. Dual WAN routers can maintain and utilize both primary and secondary available links in an remote site to secure connectivity with headquarters. Your business operations run smoothly over multi link network infrastructure.

VPN Load Balancing Router