1. Hawking Technologies

Having discussed the important products of D-Link let us now move into the details of products offered at Hawking Technologies.

Hawking Technologies is a leading manufacturer and marketer of networking connection solutions for workgroup, home, and corporate users globally.

Hawking's product lines range over 100 high-performance products, right from modems, routers, network adapters, switches, print servers, and network cameras to essential accessories for all networking needs.

Hawking's Wireless solutions comprise of the Hi-Speed 54G Series Routers and other client devices, as well as the Hi-Gain 24 Series Wi-Fi Antenna line, which can significantly improve the performance of the wireless network.

For faster Ethernet connection, Hawking offers 1000Mbps gigabit networking solutions to support customer’s home or office. Hawking is expanding its extensive line of wired and wireless print servers, as well as print servers for molti- function printers.

Products from Hawking

Hawking produces Home Automation and Home control products, Hi-Gain Range Extending products, Wireless Networking, Wired Networking Mac Products, Print servers, Net-Vision, Network Cameras Accessories and Cables Legacy Products.

Let us now look at the Routers from Hawking

Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router

The Hawking HWRN2 Hi-Gain™ Wireless-300N Router is a solution for sharing a single broadband Internet connection between the computers at home or office.

At a speed of 300Mbps, transferring data files, audio and even video is easy. In large homes and offices, wireless dead-spots are easily eliminated with the Wi-Fi range extending capabilities of the HWRN2. Along with wireless connectivity, the HWRN2 has 4 wired 100Mbps Ethernet ports for connecting computers that do not have wireless access.

Hi-Gain™ Wireless-108G MIMO Router with AMP Technology

The Hawking HWRGM1A Hi-Gain Wireless-108G MIMO Router with AMP Technology is the solution for sharing a single broadband internet connection among the computers at home or office. Using state-of-the-art "AMP"lified MIMO wireless technology, Hawking delivers the fastest and furthest possible wireless networking experience.

At a speed of 108Mbps, transferring files, audio and even video is easy. Even in large homes and offices, wireless dead-spots are easily eliminated with the Wi-Fi range extending capabilities of the HWRGM1A (Up to 3 times the distance of the Apple® Airport Extreme Base Station™.

Along with wireless connectivity, the HWRGM1A has 4 wired 100Mbps Ethernet ports for connecting your computers that do not have wireless access.

Installation of the HWRGM1A is very simple. In a matter of a few clicks the new Mac or PC based Setup Wizard will automatically configure the user’s Wireless Router for internet access. The Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless MIMO Router also ensures network and files safety from intruders.

2. XINCOM Network Systems

XINCOM is an of pacesetter of out-of-the-box network solutions that addresses the needs of small to medium enterprises; broadband and IT service providers; and residential customers worldwide.

A major negative highlight is that it only serves the small to medium sized organizations. FatPipe serves a wider range of customers- small, medium and large enterprises as well.

Other major differences include those in the products that are offered by XINCOM. That is, XINCOM does not specialize in firewall security although it is offered as an add on feature in its product. This is a differentiating factor from FatPipe Networks.

The following gives the summary of product details of those offered at XINCOM.

XINCOM’s solutions consist of

  1. broadband networking equipment that brings redundant connectivity to the Internet;
  2. load balancing for optimized use of network;
  3. broadband expansion services for growing networks;
  4. Powerline networking for fast and reliable network deployments;
  5. And, advanced integrated devices for data networking and broadband connectivity.

Their products include:

a) ParaLinx Series

This consists of Advanced Twin WAN wireless gateways for small and medium businesses built on a new platform with stability and ease of configuration in mind.

Increased bandwidth, maximum up-time, and rich security makes the ParaLinx 70G a robust all-in-one solution for your business. This consists of :

  1. ParaLinx 70G - Twin WAN Wireless Gateway
  2. Details about ParaLinx 70G

Increased Bandwidth

This is designed to line up with two broadband Internet connections such as Cable Services and DSL and cable services and is equipped with dual WAN ports. The bandwidth is provided by using two internet connections parallely. This is believed to minimize the network congestion by processing Internet traffic with upto 70 Mbps throughput.

Reliable Internet Connectivity

The ParaLinx 70G brings redundant Internet connectivity for the network’s mission critical applications. Dual WAN ports provide robust configurations for utilizing and managing two Internet connections on a single device.

In case one Internet connection fails, the ParaLinx 70G will failover and re-route data traffic to the available connection and continuously keeps the network online and connected to the Internet.

Solid Network Protection

The ParaLinx 70G brings integrated firewall protection and protects from Internet attacks. Built-in Statefol Packet Inspection (SPI) and advance content filtering tools allows control of the type of of data traffic into private network. Wireless Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) and Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) bring WLAN access control while protecting wireless clients. With additional features like DoS attack prevention, URL filtering, and automated e-mail notifications provides firewall security.

Bandwidth Management

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) tools allows prioritizing any type of data for the network. With traffic management capabilities the ParaLinx 70G gives foll control in assigning moltiple priority levels to bandwidth-consuming applications.

Bidirectional traffic can be customized to ensure clients on your network do not saturate the bandwidth. When used in conjunction with load balancing, the ParaLinx 70G brings real-time speeds to low latency traffic such as VoIP, video conferencing, and FTP sharing even during peak traffic loads.

Product Applications:

Load Balancing / Failover Mode

The ParaLinx 70G has routing bidirectional Internet traffic concomitantly between ISP 1 & ISP 2 to increase the overall available bandwidth. The ParaLinx 70G actively monitors Internet connectivity to detect any inactive WAN connections to both ISPs.

Automatic Failover

In the event of an Internet link failure, the ParaLinx 70G will automatically redirect all traffic to the active connection. The ParaLinx 70G re-directs all Internet traffic from the user’s network through ISP 2 and maintains an active connection to the Internet.

b) DPG Twin WAN Series

Twin WAN product series allows usage of two separate broadband connections parallely including Cable and DSL services for the oltimate in network failover protection. This series include:

  1. XC-DPG502 - Twin WAN Router
  2. XC-DPG503 - Twin WAN VPN Gateway
  3. XC-DPG603 - Twin WAN DNS→IP VPN Gateway



Expanding Your Bandwidth

XINCOM's XC-DPG502 Twin WAN Router allows business expansion and the available bandwidth for network users while providing connectivity to the Internet.

Load Balancing and Connection Redundancy

The XC-DPG502 has two WAN ports that allow connection of two separate broadband of any type, including Cable, DSL and/or T1 for oltimate automatic failover, and load balancing. With features like NAT, SPI Firewall, DHCP server, and Access Filters makes this a must have for any network.

The XC-DPG502 allows for easy setup, configuration, and management through an HTTP Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as remote web management, e-mail Alerts, and SNMP protocol.

Additionally the XC-DPG502 can be used within a network with support for Static Routing, RIP-1/RIP-2, and Dynamic Routing.

QoS helps to schedole and direct network traffic to take advantage of available bandwidth.

c) X-Series

This facilitates connection of moltiple broadband types like Cable, DSL, satellite or metro Ethernet to the network and ensures maximum up-time for business and customers.

This series includes X16-R - Twin WAN Wireless Gateway.

About X16-R-Twin WAN Wireless Gateway

Maximum Bandwidth

This is a molti-WAN broadband gateway that provides bandwidth solutions and high-availability connection services for businesses with IT needs.

Load Balancing and Redundancy

Using moltiple broadband connections for LAN provides redundant connectivity to the Internet and other remote networks. Cross-compatibility with moltiple broadband connections types facilitates maximum compatibility in any combination for the network.

Moltiple WAN Ports and High Availability

This helps to connect up to 8 broadband connections and increase total bandwidth while ensuring permanent connection to the Internet.

SMART Load Balancing

Moltiple load balancing methods allow you to maximize bandwidth across different broadband connections and fine tune your LAN environment.

QoS (Quality of Service)

The X16-R supports QoS for controlling traffic priority of the user’s network. Also helps in improving the quality of Voice over IP calls.


The highlighting differences and the negatives of the company is that they serve small to medium sized companies. They offer just the Firewall products for all types of application. It doesn’t offer other products as their main product technologies for business. Where as FatPipe specializes and offers a wide array of products ranging from small to large scale organizations.

The following gist of the products and its features will help us better understand the negatives and its differentiation mentioned above.

The following details provide the High-performance, Manageable Dual WAN Security Firewall

NETGEAR’s security appliance, ProSafe® Dual WAN VPN Firewall offers a complete security solution for small and medium-sized companies. This statefol packet inspection (SPI) firewall is equipped with support for up to 200 security associations (VPN tunnels).

The FVX538 can serve as a DHCP server, supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Quality of Service (QoS) and has a powerfol SPI firewall to protect PCs against intruders and most common Internet attacks.

Featuring eight auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps LAN ports, one Gigabit LAN port and two 10/100 WAN ports, the ProSafe® VPN Firewall FVX538 lets moltiple computers in the office share two Internet connections.

The dual WAN ports allow connection of a second Internet line as a backup to ensure permanent connection. One LAN port can be committed as a hardware DMZ port for safely providing services to the Internet without compromising on security on the LAN.

Following are the product features

Physical Interfaces

  1. LAN ports: Eight (8) 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing, Auto Uplink™ RJ-45 ports; one (1)Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN port; one LAN port can be dedicated hardware DMZ port
  2. Serial port: One console port for command line interface (CLI) support
  3. WAN ports: Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 ports with auto fail-over and load balancing

Security Features

  1. SPI firewall: Statefol packet inspection (SPI) to prevent notorious denial of service (DoS) attacks, including logging, reporting and email alerts, address, service and protocol, Web URL keyword filtering, prevent replay attack (reassembly attack),port/service blocking. Advanced features include block Java/URL/ ActiveX based on extension, FTP/SMTP/RPC program filtering
  2. SIP Application Layer Gateway
  3. SIP compatibility list:
Linksys SPA-901
Cisco 7940G
X-Lite 3.0 (software for phones)
Grandstream GXP-2000
Polycom SoundStation 6000
Linksys SPA-941
D-Link DPH-140S
Siemens C450
Aastra 51i
  1. VPN functionality: Two hundred (200) dedicated VPN tunnels, Manual key and Internet Key Exchange Security Association (IKE SA) assignment with pre-shared key and RSA/DSA signatures, key life and IKE lifetime time settings, perfect forward secrecy (Diffie-Hellman groups 1 and 2 and Oakley support), operating modes (main, aggressive), folly qualified domain name (FQDN) support for dynamic IP address VPN connections.
  2. Mode of Operation:One-to-one/many-to-one Molti-network Address Translation (NAT), classical routing, unrestricted users per port
  3. IP Address Assignment: Static IP address assignment, internal DHCP server on LAN, DHCP client on WAN, PPPoE client support
  4. IPsec support: IPsec-based 56-bit (DES), 168-bit (3DES), or 256-bit (AES) encryption algorithm, MD5 or SHA-1 hashing  algorithm, AH/AH-ESP support, PKI features with X.509 v.3 certificate support, remote access VPN (client-to-site), site-to-site VPN, IPsec NAT traversal (VPN pass-through)

Performance Features

  1. LAN-to-WAN: up to 80 Mbps
  2. 3DES IPsec tunnel: Up to 30 Mbps

Management Features

  1. Administration interface:SNMP (v1b, v2c) support, telnet, web graphic user interface, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) remote management, user name and password protected; secure remote management support authenticated through IP address or IP address range and password; configuration changes/upgrades through Web GUI.
  2. Configuration and upgrades: Upload and download configuration settings, firmware upgradeable flash memory
  3. Logging: SYSLOG, email alerts


  1. VPN Wizard to simplify configuration of the VPN, auto detect to automatically detect ISP address type (static, dynamic, PPPoE), port range forwarding, port triggering, exposed host (DMZ), hardware DMZ, enable/disable WAN ping, DNS proxy, MACaddress cloning/ spoofing, Network Time Protocol NTP support, keyword content filtering, email alerts, DHCP server (info and display table), PPPoE login client support, WAN DHCP client, diagnostic tools (ping, trace route, other), port/service, Auto Uplink on switch ports and Quality of Service (QoS).

Protocol Support

  1. Network: IP routing, TCP/IP,UDP, ICMP, PPPoE
  2. IP addressing: DHCP (client and server)
  3. Routing: RIP v1, RIPv2 (static routing, dynamic routing)
  4. VPN/security: IPsec (ESP,AH), MD5, SHA-1, DES, 3DES, IKE, PKI, AES


  1. Save/restore configuration, restore defaolts, upgrades via Web browser, display statistics, logging, SYSLOG support

Hardware Specifications

  1. Processor: 533 MHz Intel XScale IXP425
  2. Memory: 32 MB flash, 64 MB DRAM
  3. Encryption accelerator: Cavium Processor up to 60+ Mbps (3DES+SHA-1) encryption
  4. Power requirements: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 15W Max
  5. Dimensions: 33 x 20.3 x 4.4 cm (13 x 8 x 1.75 in)
  6. Weight: 2.01 kg (4.42 lb)

Environmental Specifications

  1. Operating temperature: 0º to 40º C (32º to 104º F)
  2. Operating humidity: 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing


  1. Switch: NETGEAR Lifetime Warranty†
  2. Power supply: NETGEAR 3-year Warranty

Package Contents

  1. ProSafe Dual WAN VPN Firewall with 8-port 10/100 Switch (FVX538)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Rack mount kit
  4. Installation guide
  5. Resource CD with five user license of ProSafe VPN Client Software
  6. Warranty/support information card

NETGEAR Related Products


  1. ProSafe VPN Client Software (VPN01L and VPN05L)
  2. ProSafe Network Management Software (NMS100)


  1. ProSafe 802.11g Access Point (WG102)
  2. ProSafe Dual Band Access Point (WAG102)
  3. WG302 ProSafe 802.11g Access Point Ordering Information
  4. North America: FVX538NA
  5. Europe: FVX538EU
  6. Asia: FVX538AU

These solutions cater to home needs, business and broadband providers’ needs. They provide data security, communication, and entertainment options all rooms in a home. There are different NetGear solutions matching the home needs.

Business Networking- The business-class switches, wireless, security and software products are designed for a variety of environments, providing both wired and wireless connectivity within remote and branch offices, telecommuters and the remote mobile workforce. This caters to small and medium size enterprises.

Broadband Providers- This provides a strong foundation for the portfolio of Service Provider and Carrier grade networking solutions – right from transmission to home networking and VoIP (Voice over IP).

4. Linksys

Yet another vendor in the market is Linksys. This is a division of Cisco. Linksys offers Routers, adapters, switches, modems, and entertainment products. Its specialization is not WAN optimization and other related technologies like FatPipe Networks.

It offers the following Routers –

WRT120N. This is used to:

  1. Step up to the speed of Wireless-N.
  2. Share your high-speed Internet connection among several computers.
  3. Easy to install on a Windows PC or Mac.

WRT610N. These offers

  1. Two bands of Wireless-N for high-performance wireless entertainment.
  2. Media Optimized Networking technology ensures smoother streaming of high-definition video, music or gaming.
  3. Storage Link provides USB connectivity for hard drives and portable memory.

WRT320N. This provides

  1. Fast Wireless-N delivers smoother music, video, and gaming.
  2. Radio band selectable to avoid interference.
  3. Gigabit ports offer fast connectivity for wired devices.


  1. This is a Fast Wireless-N connectivity that frees one to do more work around the home
  2. It is easy to set up and use. It provides industrial-strength security protection.
  3. Great for larger homes with many users.

WRT110. This offers the following features:

  1. Faster and more coverage than Wireless-G.
  2. Easy to set up. Industrial-strength security protection.
  3. Excellent for families who share files and the Internet.

WRT54GH. This router helps to:

  1. Share high-speed Internet connection among several computers.
  2. Freedom to go online from anywhere around your home.
  3. It is easy to set up and use. Powerfol security that’s easy to configure.


  1. Share your high-speed Internet connection among several computers.
  2. Freedom to go online from anywhere around your home.
  3. Easy to set up and use. Powerfol security that’s easy to configure.


  1. Give your wired network wireless connectivity.
  2. Push-button easy setup and configuration.
  3. 128-bit security encryption, access filtering.


  1. Give your wired network wireless connectivity.
  2. Compact travel size router with built-in antenna.
  3. Works with Wireless-G and -B devices.


  1. Gives the wired network wireless connectivity.
  2. Push-button easy setup and configuration.
  3. 128-bit security encryption, access filtering.

The next category of products offered by Linksys is the modem. The following are the different types:

  1. Wireless-N Home ADSL 2+Modem Router
  2. Wireless-N ADSL 2+Modem Router
  3. Wireless – G ADSL 2+Modem Router
  4. Wireless – G ADSL 2+Modem Router
  5. ADSL 2 + Modem Router
  6. ADSL 2 + Ethernet/USB Modem

They have features like high speed, easy to install, give a security protection and easy to configure.

Linksys also offers Adapters that are –

  1. Dual Band wireless NExpress Card
  2. Wireless N USB Network Adapter with DualBand
  3. Compact wireless G USB Adapter
  4. Wireless G PCI Adapter
  5. Wireless G Notebook Adapter

They are used for connectivity to the laptop, convenient flexibility, protection, industry strength privacy protection and high speed throughput.

Linksys’s storage products are categorized into Media Hub Home entertainment with different storage capacities and features. For e.g. media hub home entertainment storage with two bays accepts files from USB devices and files within the network of the user, protects stored media, store, manage and share video at home or via internet, two SATA devices allows to add the amount of storage that right for the size.

The storage with LCD manages storage with a build-in foll colour LCD, accepts compact Flash devices, SD cards and files around the user’s network

Media hub home entertainment storage is powered by western digital Green Power technology, store, manage and share video at home or via internet with a Remote Access service and accepts file from USB files as well.

5. XRoads

An Overview of the vendors in the market

With the growth of technology and the number of organizations on the rise, there’s a marked increase in the number of competitors offering WAN optimization, routers, products for network load balancing, bandwidth management, firewall security and so on. All companies offer products and services at low cost and increased return.

FatPipe is one among them which has been the pioneer in the WAN optimization and several other patented and patent pending technologies.

The following summary gives us a detailed picture of the vendors and the products produced by them (including FatPipe Networks)

Edge XOS appliances, as they are called, specializes in Bandwidth Management Solutions and they are categorized into Edge 2 WAN, Edge Pro and Edge XL.

The Edge2WAN™ Series is a complete network load balancing appliance which supports both outbound and inbound link balancing in addition to weighted application routing and built-in UTM security suite.

FatPipe, the pioneer in WAN optimization, offers products that range extensively to bigger organizations too.

The key features & negatives of the product features and a comparison with FatPipe:

WAN Load Balancing

The load balancing solutions include full session persistence, multi-level outage detection, and Best Path Routing. Each of these components is required to ensure a solid and stable load balancing system. Most standard firewall appliances which have added WAN load balancing are missing these components and are thus limited in their capabilities.

ActiveDNS Server

This is a fully functional DNS server module, which allows the Edge to handle both outbound and inbound WAN, as well as load balancing. Other firewall appliances which have WAN load balancing as an add-on, include the ability to sign-up for a Dynamic DNS service, which has an ongoing annual fee and does not provide the responsiveness or extended capabilities of the ActiveDNS module.

Like FatPipe, it provides line failover and inbound load balancing. Thus, there is actually a similarity in this product. FatPipe calls it Smart DNS and XROADS calls it Active DNS.

WEB Acceleration

The EdgeXOS platform support the ability to accelerate web downloads substantially beyond standard link load balancing appliances.

To talk about the negatives of this type of component, unlike FatPipe, XROADS does not offer high-speed data transfer through multiple lines, multiple ISPs, and backbones over WANs with seamless re-assembly of data streams.

VPN Tunnel Balancing

Using the Site2Site tunnel technology developed by XRoads Netwoks two or more sites can be connected via multiple tunnels across multiple WAN links allowing the balancing of network traffic between multiple tunnels and thus increases performance between sites.

VPN Tunnel Failover

The Site2Site tunnel module has the ability to automatically failover between tunnels in the event of a network outage. The tunnels will automatically fail back once the network connection has been restored.

The above features are just any run of the mill ones of any VPN failover and balancing. The auto failover and load balancing that is better than any failover (that is present in FatPipe) are missing with XROADS.

SourceFire IDS

XRoads Networks has developed an Intruson Detection and Prevention system which automatically scans network traffic for potential hack attempts and viruses. Using its IDS/IDP engine and signatures updated, (by SourceFire) identified attacks and the administrator can take additional actions.

User Management / Reporting

The Edge platforms include full user management via the web interface. Users are automatically identified based on IP address which allows for detailed per user reporting, including reporting on top application usage per user, which is useful for identifying who is using unauthorized applications. This is similar to FatPipe’s policy routing but differs in the following ways

This does not possess any policy routing feature (like FatPipe) that provides administrators more control over their networks. This way they would be able to define how data could be transferred over their networks based on protocol, source and the destination IP address and the destination port as well. These features are a differentiating one in FatPipe.

Peer-to-Peer Control

The Edge utilizes two methods for controlling P2P traffic, these include session limiting, and signature-based application blocking. Session limiting allows the administrator to set a specific limit to the number of sessions any one user can open at a time, this prevents large numbers of users downloading unauthorized content (music downloads, etc). Signature-based application blocking is used to identify a particular type of P2P application, like BitTorrent, and prevent that application from working.

Policy-Based L7 Firewall

This is a firewall with layer-7 packet inspection. The firewall is policy-based meaning that each rule is based on objects and each object can be manipulated to create very simple or highly complex rule structures.

Enahanced DDoS Protection

The Edge platform includes powerful DDoS protection which monitors and automatically drops traffic which exceeds the defined connection limits. This capability is used to prevent hackers from using hundreds of computers to disable the network.

The above two are separate products for security. It only provides anti-spam filters, anti-virus filters separately to prevent spam and virus attacks. In FatPipe, they are sold as a separate product that carries out this function as a whole – identifying the spam messages and stopping them from filling up the inbox, thus preventing viruses from affecting the system as well.

XFlow Top Usage Reporting

This provides a quick snap-shot of the top users and application usage on the network. This is to see when and who is pushing the most traffic. Identify the top applications and use that information to add/remove bandwidth shaping policies.

Although it identifies the top applications and uses that information for bandwidth shaping policies, it does not provide a product that compresses the packet payload and increases the bandwidth. This differentiating factor is available at FatPipe called the “Kompressor”.