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This site is an ardor to all techies who dwell in the network world, looking for better options to keep their organization network always ‘up’. From the user’s perspective, this site renders end-to-end information regarding Dual WAN, acting as a sea of information for those who focus on this technology along with a detailed analysis on the available solutions.

Today’s business world entirely depends on dual factors that are ‘vital’ for any business. One is technology, which uplifts the trade to a higher range and other is modes of communication for information exchange assisted with data transfer. These serve as crucial factors at any cost, which can very well determine the lifespan of business sector.

Looking deep into the first factor, the organizations’ network should be completely equipped with most appropriate technology (tuning with operational environment) in such a way that their network withstands any disaster making the company prolong on the track of progress amidst tough competitions in market.

Why do organizations need Dual-WAN?

Most of the corporate companies work in multiple locations (let it be local, regional, national and international branches) thus expanding their networks where maintenance of huge networks becomes a massive task to perform. Due to the evolution of Internet in business, communication turned to be simpler and business operations have become trouble-free. Using internet, organizations can form a WAN (Wide Area Network) with shared users irrespective of geographical location. Therefore, business via Internet has become beneficiary on a large scale.

Let us see an example to illustrate the necessity of ‘dual wan’. Assume company X has its LAN interconnected with its scattered branches through Internet or WAN links. This is possible with single ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection, which is a usual scenario.

When the LAN has access to WAN, security over transactions and data protection becomes a question (?) as they are prone to danger due to exposure and anyone can hack the data and information theft can be done on a large scale which may lead to network failure. It is highly unaffordable to bear the loss of communication and information theft.

Is Dual-WAN obligatory?

Sudden crisis arise when network is jammed with IP traffic and users post multiple requests at the same time slice. There is no assurance that the single ISP connection will work always. In such cases ‘Dual WAN’ effectively turns to be the best measure to overcome failures with affordable cost.

As the name implies, Dual-WAN refers to the network encompassing two internet / widea area network connections using one or more routers to work. Dual-WAN links connects your networks via two separate modems or routers (cable modem or DSL modem) for dual ISP connections. Here WAN modem M1 stays in ‘active’ state and WAN modem M2 takes over the operations only when M1 fails. The purpose of Dual WAN is effective and efficient in current scenario and the reason is self-explanatory.

What is so special about two wide area network links?

Two WAN or Internet links related technological complete details are put forth with several striking features of which few require significance to mention:

  • Automatic failover
  • Redundancy with Dual WAN links
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Increased security
  • Load balancing
  • Firewall like functionalities
  • Traffic Optimization & Acceleration
  • Unified Bandwidth Management
  • Business Process Continuity & Disaster Recovery

This site assures users for complete reference and solutions on Dual WAN technology with its working, benefits, whitepaper, vendor details, and suggestions from experts and more.

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